Learning Behaviours

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Learning behaviours at Marnel Junior school

Our learning behaviour scheme is an integral part of our moral ethos  and enriched curriculum.

At the beginning of September there is a whole school assembly to introduce or refresh the initiative and the importance of the values. Each half term there is a focus learning behaviour where the children take part in an assembly, lessons and create work for the school display. In each year group area, you will see a learning behaviour display where the children will be displayed on stars under each of the learning behaviours. Their star goes up when they have been awarded special merit for showing a specific learning behaviour and remains there all year. 

Our Six Learning Behaviours

Respect – children will respect each other and be thoughtful, caring and considerate. They will understand the impact of their actions on others and realise that respect leads to self confidence and high self esteem. They will show respect to their belongings and environment.

Tolerance – children will show tolerance towards others, understanding that everyone has differing views and beliefs. They will learn to accept others, regardless of people’s beliefs.

Reflection – children will be able to reflect on their actions and learning and think about how they may do things differently next time.

Open-mindedness – children are able to ask questions, investigate and explore new things. They have a growing mindset and thrive on learning and taking part in new experiences.

Cooperation – children will be able to collaborate and communicate effectively with others and take joint responsibility for their actions.

Resilience – when children come across a difficulty they will show the ability to bounce back. They will be able to cope when things do not go as they planned or had hoped for. When things are challenging, they are able to persevere in order to look for a solution.

How it works

  • Each child will have a personalised ‘Marnel Learner’ target board displayed in their classroom.
  • For every quality there are three targets to work towards, one is for the playground.
  • The children need to demonstrate the learning behaviour consistently.
  •  When the child’s teacher thinks they have achieved the target, they receive a certificate and choose another one target

Bronze Award

When the children have consistently demonstrated all 18 of the behaviour qualities, they will receive a bronze Marnel Learner badge to wear on their uniform and a certificate in merit assembly.

Silver Award

To earn their silver badge, children will need to continue to demonstrate all the targets. They will need to support and model the behaviours to other children in their class.

Gold Award

To earn their gold badge, children will still need to continue to demonstrate all the targets. They will need to model and encourage others around the school.

Platinum Award

To earn their platinum badge, children will still need to continue to demonstrate all the targets. They will need to contribute to the wider school community. This could take the form of creating a display, organising a fundraiser, writing a report for the school website, training peer mentors, doing something over and above outside of school or organising and running an assembly.



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