Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

Within the school, the children are invited to take on certain roles and responsibilities. These include:

House Captains (Year 6)

As house captains, we have one of the most important jobs in the school. We have four houses (fire, earth, water and air) and we have two captains per house. 

Earth: Thomas Fuller and Nimar Shukla

Water: Ava Hewson and Kassem Cisse

Air: Caitlin Bailey and Milly Rookes

Fire: Jasmine Clarke and Ray Wilkin

One of our main jobs is to help out on sports events, charity events and assemblies.

We also collect the house point tokens each week to see how well our house is doing. At the end of every term, the winning house is awarded the cup!

Our role is also to support and encourage the children in our house throughout the year.


Head Librarians (Year 6)

Fri Nij

Ava Hewson

Grace Watts

Rosemary Chisese

Evie Raybould

Sophie Konate

As librarians, we have a special role in the library. We help children take out and return books, as well as recommending books.

As a team, we help decorate the library for events such as: Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Winter and Autumn.

Some of our other roles include keeping the library tidy, making sure everyone enjoys reading in the library and also sharing books with classes. 


School Councillors

We have completed our voting for the new school councillors for this year. The children voted for their representatives in each class.

We are now looking forward to holding meetings together when we can discuss issues which are important to us in school. We will be making decisions about which charities the children would like to support and thinking about how we plan to raise money by holding fun events.

Previously we have held such events as cake sales and non-uniform days, which have been very successful. We will also be thinking about the environment and how we can care more about the Earth.

We are delighted to announce the names of our new Councillors who are trusted by their classmates to speak for them.

Year 3

Brunel Matilda Bennett and Gabriel Dos Santos
King Alfred Ishamel Wright and Izzy Judd

Rosie Heath and Henley Neal

 Year 4 

 Dublin Viktor Kasabov and Navaeh Stapleton
Chichester Sofia Wye and Trey Redhead
Portsmouth Ellie Elgar and Ollie Jackson
St Luke's Jorgie-Lea Rees

Year 5

Canterbury Bella Stoyanova and Kaelan
Froebel Poppy Lucas-Parr and Dexter Reed
St Thomas Lily Fenton and Jacob Dall
Roehampton   Freya Johnson and Jude Williams

Year 6

Exeter Austin Reed
Oxford Evie Savage and Serena Nwosu
Winchester Nathan Fowler, Ava Henson, George Rookes, Kaitlyn Brookes



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