Roles and Responsibilities


Within the school, the children are invited to take on certain roles and responsibilities. These include:

House Captains (Year 6)

House captains have one of the most important jobs in the school. We have four houses (fire, earth, water and air) and we have two captains per house.One of our main jobs is to help out on sports events, charity events and assemblies. We also collect the house point tokens each week to see how well our house is doing. At the end of every term, the winning house is awarded the cup! Our role is also to support and encourage the children in our house throughout the year.

School Councillors

Who We Are

Our School Council is an elected group of children who get together and discuss things about our school. We are the voice of all the other children in our classes and it is our job to feedback their ideas and concerns to the Senior Leadership Team and Governors of the School.

What We Do

We are a good School Council because we listen to and represent the views of our class and we get things done. We learn how to present an argument and bring about change to improve the school.

Pupil Librarians

The Student Librarian Programme enables pupils to get involved with the running of the Library and to have a positive impact on the school community, whilst developing skills for leadership and teamwork.

This programme gives pupils skills by allowing them to work together to make a difference to the library and the school as a whole. All applicants will be trained in various aspects of library administration. The skills they gain are transferable across the curriculum and in the world of work.

Opal Play Ambassadors 

Play Ambassadors are selected from pupils following an application process. The role of Play Ambassador is linked to the promotion of positive play at break and lunchtimes.  Play Ambassadors are responsible for leading a range of games and activities with all age ranges and play times.  Play Ambassadors are supported by the Play Leaders (LSAs).  The appointed pupils attend a fortnightly meeting  where they learn new games and activities that they can then teach to the pupils in school. They play an important role in ensuring play times are creative, fun and safe for everyone.  Play Ambassadors must commit to this role and the need to spend some of their play time delivering games and activities.  The Play Ambassadors work on a rota basis meaning they are not always on duty and can interact with their peers however, they must commit to the role and cannot ‘pick and choose’ what they do.  We seek pupils who are creative, enjoy leading activities and enjoy promoting positive play.  

Eco Warriors

The school will appoint Eco Ambassadors.  This group of pupils are responsible for the promotion of looking after the school environment and our role in looking after the world.  This is a role that will be applied for and the decision to appoint is made by Mrs Herring.  The ambassadors will oversee the need to save energy in the class, will implement (with the support of their peers) ways in which they can reuse or recycle.  They will ensure waste is kept to a minimum and that electricity/water is used wisely.

In order to support with this, the Eco Ambassadors will meet each half term and will discuss strategies that can be shared with the School Council, Governing Body and Senior Leaders.  


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