House System

The Marnel House System

    Air                     Earth                      Fire                     Water



3032 Points


 1770 Points


 3054 Points


2160 Points


Our House System is based on the four elements.

Our House system allows children to be part of a group made up of children from Year 3 through to Year 6.


On entry to the school, all pupils are assigned to one of our four houses.



Air Element


Earth Element


Fire Element


Water Element


House Colour


House Colour


House Colour


House Colour


Siblings are assigned to the same House so that the family tradition and loyalties remain constant.  

Each house is led by House Captains, and members of the teaching staff are also attached to a particular house.


Houses will meet regularly during the term for House assemblies, sharing work or organising House teams and events. 

Houses meet together during an assembly time at the beginning of each term to elect Captains for that year.


 All Year 6 children take on responsibilities in their House such as helping to organise competitors for House competitions or becoming Play Leaders at lunch times.


House points are awarded throughout the school day for good work or progress, public service, community spirit, sporting prowess, effort or showing the Marnel learning behaviours etc.

They are collected and counted by House Captains each week and announced in assembly and shown on our school website.

House sporting competitions are held termly and other competitions run at various times throughout the year.

Children keep track of house points and the winning houses of competitions on the ‘House Board'


The winning house at the end of each term will earn a House reward.



At the end of the year, all the competition points (including sports day), and points from House points, are added together and the winning House receives the ‘House Cup’ at the final assembly of term.

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