Family Support

Family Support


My name is Vanessa and I am the Home School Link Manager and lead DSL at Marnel Junior School. I have been in this role since 2015. I look forward to meeting those of you I've not yet worked with.

I understand that school and family life are not always completely separate. I am here as a link between home and school. If you ever have something on your mind and are looking for some advice, help or just a listening ear then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Family includes everyone so all pupils at the school are also welcome to come and see me; even if just for a chat.

I am available in school Monday - Friday 09.30-14.30.

How can you contact me?

  •  If I am available you can come into the school and have a quick chat.
  • We can talk over the phone (call reception)
  • I may be introduced in meetings or when you are talking to a teacher.
  • You can contact me via the school office to make an appointment to see me.

What services are offered?

  • Signposting and local research
  • General advice and guidance
  • Assisting with financial difficulties and worries
  • Helping with child development concerns
  • Getting the right support for positive parenting and managing your child’s behaviour
  • Help with form filling and writing letters
  • Arranging and accompanying you to meetings
  • Making referrals and assistance with accessing other services
  • Offering your child support and someone to talk to

When else might our paths cross?

I work closely with the whole school so we may see each other at:

  • Review meetings
  • Attendance support
  • I may get in touch to discuss other school matters

Who can access the Family Support service?

  • All children who attend Marnel Junior School
  • Any parent/carer with a child at the school

Useful Links for Parents/Carers

Hampshire Children's ServicesEarly Help HubHampshire Family Support ServiceHampshire Safeguarding Children's Partnership

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