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Academisation with Bourne Academy Trust (BET)

Marnel Junior School became an Academy on 1st April 2021 and joined 16 other schools in Bourne Education Trust (BET).

We are very excited by the opportunities this brings the school and its community. 

Message From The BET CEO, Alex Russell

I am very proud to be the CEO of the Bourne Education Trust ('BET') and to work with like-minded and ambitious headteachers and board members.

The Board of BET is determined to see a high performing multi-academy trust that delivers the very best educational experience for pupils at both primary and secondary level. The educational landscape continues to change at a fast pace with more schools converting to academies. The information on the website sets out how we will plan, guide, support and improve our academies (and schools that are yet to join), ensuring that there is a clear focus on improving leadership and governance, teaching and learning and on raising standards.

We have a cost effective organisation and a business model that delivers efficiency, effectiveness and growing economies of scale in order to free up more resources for the front line.

I am very glad to have a strong board of directors which provides the effective support and challenge required to ensure that the Trust is a good employer, and as a multi-academy trust, an effective home for our academies, with the leadership and track record to succeed.

It is often said that each child gets one chance of education. Our role is to ensure that our students make the most of their opportunities by ensuring that our academies aspire to and reach the highest standards.

I look forward to an exciting future for the Trust and all its stakeholders.

Alex Russell
Chief Executive Officer

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