Whole School - Progression Overview

Whole school- Long Term Plan


Here at Marnel we use the highly praised “Charanga” scheme to support our music teaching. It is designed to provide  a high quality musical education for every child whatever their starting point, musically. The aim is to inspire and excite our children by learning through practical musical experiences.

Our musical curriculum enables pupils to think critically about the music that they are exposed to and to develop an awareness of it emotional impact on us. By exposing children to this we hope to develop each child with an enquiring mind and instil in them a love of music.

Our musical curriculum not only meets the requirements of “The National Curriculum” but also the needs of our children in our school. We promote children’s growth mindset and collaborative learning, as a means to build resilient and ambitious learners.


Our music curriculum is planned and delivered across our school to enable clear progression in skills and knowledge. We value active learning opportunities to immerse children fully into the musical learning experience and strive to provide creative opportunities where children are encouraged to take risks, ask questions and explore their learning in collaboration with others.

 Each unit in our music scheme has a skills progression document which enables teachers to pitch the learning at the right level and also support through scaffolding and extend where needed.

Our musical learning each term is coupled with our core learning behaviours to support the children with their learning and overall development. These learning behaviours are:

  • Open minded
  • Resilience
  • Respect
  • Co-operation
  • Reflectiveness
  • Tolerance

These underpin the core values of the school and are integral to ensuring that the experiences children have are purposeful, relevant and help them to grown personally as individuals with morality.


Through our musical curriculum we aim to encourage independence and an enquiring mind with a thirst for learning. Our children enjoy the broad and balanced range of activities and musical genres covered and enjoy seeing their progress and development.


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