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There are many advantages to our new digital world, early use of technology has been shown to improve language skills and promote children’s social development and creativity.

But there are a lot of risks for young children. They may come across inappropriate content or begin to copy what older children do online. Social Media sites are very popular now. However, even though the age restriction is 13+, many parents still allow children younger than this to use the sites.

Be sure that you know what they are up to, and what information, photos or videos they are sharing with others. Check out the NSPCC parent support website for really helpful information

NSPCC Online Safety  ….because it’s dangerous to assume everything will be ok!

Key points for keeping your child safe on the internet:
Set boundaries in the online world just as you would in the real world. 

Talk to your child about what they are up to online.

Don’t leave them alone! 

Keep up-to-date with your child’s development online.

How are they communicating with others online? 

Keep all equipment that connects to the internet in a family space. 

Know what connects to the internet and how. 

Use parental controls on devices that link to the internet, such as the TV, laptops, computers, games consoles and mobile phones. 

Lock down sites so that the information is not public. 

Take notice of  age restrictions, particularly on social media sites.



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