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Welcome to the writing area of year 3's home learning. Now is the perfect time to practise writing a variety of genres. Here are some ideas:



  • Remember to always write a plan first. Use the story map below to help you.
  • Write an alternative ending to your favourite story.
  • Use one of the story prompts below to spark an idea!
  • Look outside for inspiration. Where might that old gate lead you? Maybe into another world!


Information texts

  • Do your research first and make notes to form a plan.
  • You could write about one of current topics:
    • The Romans
    • Light and dark
  • Or you could write about anything or anyone that interests or inspires you!



  • Write a daily diary of what is happening in the world, your reaction to it and what you have been up to each day
  • Imagine you have gone on an adventure (e.g. to a treasure island!) and write your diary recording what you do each day


Biography or autobiography 

  • Write your autobiography! Choose 3-5 key events in your life e.g. the day you were born, a special birthday, the arrival of a sibling or a pet, your first day of school. If you have photos, you could stick them in your autobiography. 
  • Write a biography about someone who interests or inspires you. 



  • Write a recipe for your favourite meal or treat (e.g. chocolate cake!)
  • Write instructions on how to make something e.g. a really good paper aeroplane!
  • Write a survival guide 


Newspaper report

  • You could make an event up e.g. aliens land in Popley!
  • You could write about an event from the past which interests you 
  • You could write about what is going on in the world today



  • You could write a letter to a loved one who you are unable to see at the moment 
  • You could write to the residents of your local care home to put a smile on someone's face
  • You could write a persuasive letter about something you feel passionately about e.g. should animals be kept in zoos?


Remember, we would love to read your writing so please feel free to email us!



Handwriting Practice

Story Map Plan

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