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Marnel Junior School

week beginning 30/03

Monday - Fractions of amounts. Remember to divide by the denominator (bottom number) and then multiply by the numerator (top number). Where the numerator is already 1 you do not need to multiply. E.g 1/5 OF 40 = 8 BUT 2/5 OF 40 = 16


Close your eyes and imagine you are somewher peaceful, beautiful and magical. imagine what you can see, hear, smell and touch. draw a picture of your paradise and then use expanded nouns to describe it. Remember the power of three. E.g...golden, soft, warm sand beneath my toes. Cool, crystal, blue water....

Thursday: Try some of the lovely activities available on the Tate for Kids website or practise drawing cartoons with a tutorial from the artist who draws Spiderman.

Friday 3rd April

Hello brilliant Y4 children! How are you all keeping?


Below is a link to an English activity website called 'Pobble 365'.


Everyday there is a new picture to look at and think about.

You can choose an activity to complete for the picture you choose. Scroll through the images to find one which inspires you.

Will you write a creative story or draw a picture?


Don't forget you can e-mail a picture of any work you complete to school - it would be lovely to see it!


Academisation with BET - please see the school information section for more details.