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Terrific Thomas!


We are Thomas Class and we are the best! Miss Hayward is our teacher and has really high expectations of us. This half term, we have been helping Mrs Morgan, who is a student teacher, learn how to be a teacher. 


In our class, we are a team and all work together. We volunteer for different jobs. We try our hardest in everything and always aim to be the best. We love our projects and so far have had: Wonder, Standing the Test of Time and A Night at the Frost Fair. Currently our Project is Tomb Raiders about the Ancient Egyptians.


Recently, we mummified fish and this was the most smelliest experience in our lives. We then wrote instructions about it. In Standing the Test of Time, we built a pyramid out of cardboard and plastic. Guess who came first? THOMAS!!!!


Around our classroom, we have decorated the first initial of our name and these have been put up. We work towards a joint reward through earning Marbles. Each reward is worth 30 marbles. We are super close to earning jelly and ice cream. 


Thank you to Evie, Ava and Samveda for writing this report. 

Welcome back to all our families and pupils, we hope you had a lovely half term break!