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Remote Learning Expectations

Remote Learning Expectations

Spring 2021


The provision for remote learning has significantly shifted since the initial lockdown last March. We are now able to adapt our usual teaching timetable so it is taught live through Google Classroom. The communication lines between home and school are fully open and we hope that you and your child contact the class teachers or senior leadership team if there is anything that you would like to discuss. Despite live lessons being superior to pre-recorded ones, they still require self-discipline and routine which is not always easy when you have to stay at home. We are here to support your child in any way we can.


If a teacher is absent

We will aim for all lessons to be live, but this may not be possible if a teacher is sick and unable to work. In light of the pandemic, this is unfortunately inevitable. We will endeavour to put a message onto the pupils’ SeeSaw account when teachers are not available to work so that they are not waiting for a live lesson to start. In an event that a teacher is unable to work, work will be set for the pupils on their SeeSaw account that should be completed in the lesson time as normal.


Marking, Feedback and Assessment

Teachers are rapidly changing their practice to respond to online learning. They are finding innovative ways to feedback to pupils, but this may not be in the conventional way. The benefit of delivering live lessons is that pupils can ask teachers questions and vice versa throughout the lesson and any problem can be quickly remedied. Pupils can keep to the pace of the lesson and engage with their teachers. Assessment and feedback will be used to adjust the pace of learning or level of difficultly as necessary, with further learning adapted as a result. We will continue to develop methods of assessing the progress of the students throughout the lessons.

In addition to the live lessons feedback and marking will be given on activities completed on SeeSaw, with development points and praise given as and when needed.


EHCP (EHCP Support arrangements)

Children with an EHCP are invited into school. If parents choose to not send their child into school each pupil learning remotely will be provided with personalised learning on SeeSaw and children will be invited to daily live lessons through Google Classroom. In addition to the Year group live lessons, these children will also be able to access pre-recorded interventions on SeeSaw to target specific areas on their EHCP. Where possible, outside agencies will continue to provide their sessions remotely.


SEND (Send Support Arrangements)

Where possible if a child has identified cognition and learning needs, we will provide weekly interventions to meet the child’s targets, these will be pre-recorded and available via SeeSaw.


ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support) and SEMH Support

Where possible if a child has an identified emotional and social need we will provide a weekly ELSA session. In addition to this offering we will also be sending out emotional support packs to children who were receiving intervention such as Lego Therapy in school. These packs will included mindfulness activities, sensory resources and support information.


Independent Learning

Each year group has an independent learning uploaded onto SeeSaw. This covers a broad and balanced curriculum and offers a range of activities which also encourages children to learn away from a computer screen.


Expectation of pupils

Pupils are expected to behave in the online lessons impeccably. Learning online is very different to learning in the classroom, but pupils must try to engage in the lessons the best that they can so that they do not fall behind.


 All teachers have the following expectations of the pupils:

 • All lessons are recorded

 • Wherever possible, please log in to Google Classroom on your laptop. This will make it easier for you to use the chat function. If this is not possible, you can log in through an iPad or iPhone.

 • Follow your class timetable

• You can turn your microphone on to contribute answers and you can also use the chat function. The more interactive you are, the better!

• You are responsible for the words that you write and we expect you to treat the chat as a professional communication with your peers and the teacher.

• Communicate with your teacher or senior leadership team if you are having any problems; we will try to fix them as quickly as we can!

 • Make sure that you look after yourselves. After lessons in front of a screen, you need to build time into your day to get some fresh air and enjoy time on your hobbies.



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