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October in the Library

October was packed full of books celebrating: 

Black History Month     October

World Space Week (Women in Space)     4th - 10th October

Libraries Week      4th - 10th October

National Poetry Day     7th October 

World Mental Health Day      10th October 

Halloween     31st October

Crazy Hair by Neil Gaiman 


Bonnie takes a mad, unkempt journey into the dishevelled universe that is her father's hair.

Bonnie is fascinated by Mister's wild hairstyle and feels compelled to tame it.


However, Mister feels his hair is misunderstood, and so begins a hair-raising adventure as Bonnie and her comb are acquainted with the beasts, musicians and pirates within it.

The Day War Came by Nicola Davies



Imagine if, on an ordinary day, war came.


Imagine it turned your town to rubble.


Imagine going on a long and difficult journey - all alone.


Imagine finding no welcome at the end of it.


Then imagine a child who gives you something small but very, very precious...



Counting on Katherine by Helaine 


Katherine Johnson is the mathematical genius who not only helped make the historic moon landings possible, but also made sure that all the

astronauts returned safely home when the mission was in critical danger.

As a child, Katherine loved to count. She counted the steps on the road, the number of dishes and spoons she washed in the kitchen sink, everything! Boundless, curious, and excited by calculations, young Katherine longed to know as much as she could about maths, about the universe.

From Katherine's early beginnings as a gifted student to her heroic accomplishments as a prominent mathematician at NASA, this is the true story of a ground breaking African-American woman who went above and beyond what was expected of her in the 1960s, saving lives and making enormous contributions to history.


Say Cheese - and Die Screaming! 



A picture is worth a thousand screams--if it's taken with an evil camera that has a nasty vision of the future.


Julie's future doesn't look pretty. And neither does anyone else's after they're caught in her lens! Scream for the Camera!

Please don't forget to wear your Christmas jumper tomorrow -Thursday 9th December! Think - Believe - Persevere - Succeed