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Life Skills

Life Skills




At Marnel Junior School, we believe that our Life Skills lessons play an important role in preparing our children for life. The lessons are intended to equip children with the necessary skills to carry out simple household chores, cook a variety of dishes and look after their personal health, safety and hygiene.




Children have a Life Skills lesson once a fortnight. We have a purpose built, well equipped kitchen where children can cook in small groups, under close adult supervision. Other Life Skills lessons may take place within the classroom or out in the school grounds, if more suitable. The long-term overview ensures that children carry out age- appropriate tasks and that their skills are built upon each year.




The children thoroughly enjoy their Life Skills lessons, and they offer a change from more academic subjects. By the time that the children leave us for Year 7, they will have the skills to cook simple meals, budget their money, know how to make emergency calls, have basic sewing skills and much more.  These skills enable our children to develop their independence and therefore their self-confidence.

Life Skills Whole School Overview

Think - Believe - Persevere - Succeed