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Marnel Junior School

Foundation subjects

Art and DT

  • Design and make a Viking longboat using recycled materials.
  • Design and make yourself a Viking costume using items you find around the house (old t-shirt, skirt, trousers, a scarf, a blanket, an old brooch, a belt etc). Take a photo.
  • Make a collage of an animal in its natural habitat. Use found materials that you have at home such as packaging, scrap paper, plastic lids, fabric. It could be an animal from the polar regions, the rain forest, the ocean, the desert, a pond or even your own garden. 
  • Look at the power point below, about the graffiti artist Keith Haring. Have a go at producing your own piece of art in the style of this well known artist.

History and geography



  • Who were the Vikings? Where did they come from? Use the BBC bitesize website to find information to answer these questions. Make a fact file.


  • Find out about the invasion of the holy island of Lindesfarne and use Google Earth to view where it is in England. Why was this significant to  the history of the Vikings? Write a paragraph to explain this important historical raid.


  • Why was King Alfred such a great and important Saxon King. What did he do to defend Wessex and England? Make a poster.
  • What can you find out about the myth of King Alfred and the burnt cakes? Retell the story in your own words, include a fronted adverbial and an expanded noun phrase.
  • Locate the countries that the Vikings originated from and the parts of England that they invaded and show these on a map.
  • Explore the website of the Yorvik museum  in York. List  five questions which you would like to find out more about.



Religious Education

Life skills activities:

1. Find a recipe for home made pasta and make it for your family. Take a photo when you serve it.


2. Plant some seeds in a flower pot or in a garden. Such as, sunflowers, marigolds, spring onions, peas, beans, carrots....


3. Help your parents clean the house, for example..hoover, dust and clean your room. Take a photo when you are doing it.


4. Take a long walk or a bike ride. What do you see on the way?



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