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Assemblies at Marnel Junior School


At Marnel we feel that gathering together for assemblies is integral for reinforcing the moral ethos of our school and coming together as a community.


The theme of our class and Head of Year assembly follow the same theme that is being taught in Jigsaw that week. This allows all of our children to have the same message creating unity.


Additionally,  every Friday we hold a celebration 'Merit' assembly led by our head of school - Mr Jordan. These assemblies focus on celebrating those children who throughout the week have shown fantastic Marnel learning behaviours - resilience, co-operation, respect, open-mindedness and tolerance.


As such a large school we find it a challenge to all fit into the hall these days but once a term we feel it is important to squeeze together for our special 'Cups of excellence' ceremony.

Cups of Excellence

Each term a child is chosen from each year group to earn recognition in our areas for Cups of Excellence. Cups that can be obtained cover any different areas of learning.

Outstanding Effort

Outstanding Achievement

Excellence in English

Excellence in Maths

Excellence in Arts

Excellence in Sports

Excellence in Science

Excellence in Computing



Collective worship: 

Collective worship and having a strong link with local churches is really important to us. Each week we have 'Open the book' visit our school to share stories from the bible and promoting a Christian ethos.



Think - Believe - Persevere - Succeed